Adventures in kitten fostering - Citizens for Animal Protection - Houston, TX

A little over a month ago my family grew by two little furry minions. I have been wanting to volunteer my time to an animal rescue organization for awhile and Hurricane Harvey gave me just the nudge I needed. I am a long time animal lover and I have the problem of always wanting to adopt all the animals I see. Hurricane Harvey hit Houston really hard and many animals lost their homes and families because of it. The call to try to help them weighed pretty heavy on my heart.

I found out about the Citizens for Animal Protection shelter a little over a year ago when I adopted the baby of my family, Huckleberry Tot. I really love the shelter and everything they do for homeless and sick animals so I knew it was with them that I wanted to become a foster parent. I took the training class and two days later I had two kittens coming home with me that had been caught in the flood waters of Harvey.

Now these two, who are affectionately named Waldorf and Woodsen (bonus points if you know what/who inspired their names) have totally been the headliner of any story about the day. When I first picked them up Woodsen, the one with white feet, sat shivering in the back of his cage, quiet as a mouse, and once home didn't want to leave the safety of his cage home. His brother Waldorf was quite the opposite, he sat right at the front of his cage and cried/meowed the entire way from the shelter to the house and as soon as we were home wanted to investigate everything. I thought for sure I had their personalities figured out but boy were they playing a trick on me! The more I've gotten to know them the more I've noticed they are almost the exact opposites of what I thought. Woodsen is the little instigator of all. He loves to play with all kinds of toys, spill his food bowl so he can roll in it then eat it, and jump on his brother when he's not looking. He's rough and tough and all boy! He has a sweet side to him too but his playful side is always out in full force! Waldorf my little crier is actually the tenderhearted one. He loves to play as well but he is definitely the follower to his brother. He takes part in all the silliness but he loves a good snuggle from his people! They both love to play with their older foster brother Huck and he loves them just as much. They must all know they have someplace in common in their history. 

I love watching these two babies get healthy and grow up. Its not going to be easy to let them go but I will be so proud to watch them go on to a permanent home that will love them as much as I do!

Spring Wedding at Wyndham Virginia Crossings in Richmond, VA - Heather Laurenne Photography - Jake + Kayce

     Jake and Kayce became husband and wife this past Saturday and let me tell you it was one gorgeous wedding full of love and laughter! We have been excited for this wedding for so long now!  Both Jake and Kayce are close friends of my husband and I so it was an honor to celebrate and serve them on this extremely special day.

     Their wedding took place in Richmond, VA at Wyndham Virginia Crossings which is a gorgeous and secluded resort on the Northern side of Henrico County. We had a few rain clouds roll in right before their ceremony but that couldn't dampen their excitement to marry each other. With luck only a few drops of lucky rain fell and we were able to take all their portraits outside on the beautiful property.

     The love surrounding these two was palpable all day. There were so many people there who loved them and were cheering them on as a couple. One of my favorite parts of the day was that Jake and Kayce read personal vows to each other. Kayce stated that she would "love, honor, and disobey" while Jake recited one of their favorite inside jokes. Everyone burst out laughing and it was clear just how excited these two were to begin the next chapter of their lives. 

     Jake and Kayce, I am so happy for you guys and am so honored that I was a part of your amazing day! Congratulations on becoming Mr. and Mrs.! I hope you have so much fun in Jamaica on your honeymoon!!! 

Venue: Wyndham Virginia Crossings

Photographer: Heather Laurenne Photography

Bridal Gown: Stella York

Bridal Boutique: Tiffany's Bridal

Hair and Make-up Artist: Dayna Cobb

DJ: Jerry Strickland

Cake Artist: River City Sweets

Bouquets and Boutonnieres: Bride's mom, Kathe Nunnally


Yoga Portraits - Rob Fleming Park - The Woodlands, TX

Katie is an amazing graphic designer in the Houston, TX area! She is the owner of Suraleigh Co., a design firm that offers custom branding and web design services.  I had the pleasure of meeting Katie a few months ago when I was working on a special project. She immediately made me feel at ease and we had a great time working together. 

She told me that she was in the process of completing her 200 hour yoga teacher training. As a RYT 200 (Registered Yoga Teacher - 200 hour) myself I knew the dedication that it takes to do that and to run a small business. But Katie has such a heart for helping others that it was definitely the right fit for her!

To celebrate her graduating from her yoga teacher program and launching her very own yoga business we got together to take some beautiful yoga portraits. We met early in the morning at Rob Fleming Park in The Woodlands and we were greeted by the most beautiful early sunshine glow.

If you are interested in private yoga instruction or looking for something unique for your corporate business then I highly recommend you give Katie a call! Namaste!

You are Beautiful...You...Yes, YOU! - Heather Laurenne Photography - Houston, TX

     There aren't many women that I don't expect to hear the words "but I hate what I look like in pictures" when I talk to them about getting portraits of themselves or their family. Because we grew up looking at beauty magazines with beautiful (photoshopped) models shot by professional photographers in perfect lighting we tend to have a distorted view of what to expect when we get in front of the camera. So when your friend takes a picture of you on a phone and you turn it around to see the image we, as women, are almost always horrified at all the imperfections we see in ourselves even if someone else thinks its beautiful. 

     Ok, ok, I know this isn't a post on imperfections and beauty magazines, although I feel like maybe we should talk about that in the future. Today I really want to talk to you about why you SHOULD get in front of the camera! Whether you are a woman that needs images of yourself for your work or not, I am a true believer that everyone should have pictures of just themselves done from time to time.

     Now I'm not talking about Glamour Shot type pictures, unless feather boas are your thing, and if they are we are definitely gonna rock that look. I'm talking about booking a portrait session just for yourself with a professional photographer and maybe even a professional hair and make-up artist. Whether you are a trained model or not the first 15 minutes in front of a camera are awkward for during this time the best thing you can do is LAUGH! Laugh at yourself, laugh at your photographer, laugh at the runner who just tripped while he was looking over to see who the gorgeous woman was! :) The more comfortable you become, the more fun you will have, and the more you will fall in LOVE with your images. Just like you make time to get your hair trimmed or your nails done you should make time to have pictures taken of your beautiful self!  

     Photographing real women is one of my favorite things to do and probably one of the things I do that brings me the most joy. Making a woman feel beautiful is so gratifying because being a woman is hard. We have a lot of things we are juggling all the time and we never take enough time to pamper ourselves. I encourage all of you to call up your favorite photographer friend and schedule a session for yourself. It will be fun, I promise! But before you do take a look at this beautiful friend of mine, Maria. Maria is real; she's a mom, a wife, a photographer, a sister, a friend...and she's utterly fabulous! We had an absolute blast taking these photos together and I have a sneaky suspicion you will have fun with your own session as well!!!