Owen's Walk to Remember: Angels & Warriors

     This past Sunday I once again had the honor to be a part of WestRash Charities and photograph one of the many events they put on to benefit pediatric cancer research. This Sunday, at Brentsville District High School, we celebrated Owen, and had a walk to benefit Children's Medical Center pediatric cancer research. To explain to you how honored I am to be a part of this amazing organization I have to give you a little bit of background on this awesome kid named, Owen.

     Owen's grandparents and my parents have been friends since before I was born, so naturally they are like my second family. His grandparents have two children, Deena and Kit, that I grew up with, Deena is Owen's mom. I remember when Owen was born, he was an adorable and happy little kid. We used to all vacation together at the beach and one of my favorite memories of him as an obnoxiously cute 2 or 3 year old is that he used to constantly play with his bus that sang "The Wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round" (Its totally stuck in your head now, huh?!) he knew it got to everyone; so he would push the button, and his eyes would sparkle, he knew he would get a reaction out of everyone. He was so cute we just laughed and laughed, and he laughed along with us. The cute little kind became an extremely kind teenager who always put other people first. In 2010, all of our lives changed forever, Owen was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma (bone cancer) at the age of 14. He fought bravely and courageously, never losing hope. He lost his battle in April 2012, at the age of 16.

     Owen has never been forgotten. His spirt lives on in all of us. Now a few times a year we join together to put on large scale events so that we can help others who receive this devastating diagnosis. In the Fall, Owen's Walk to Remember Angels & Warriors and in the Spring the WestRash Charities Golf Tournament. This past Sunday we celebrated and honored Owen, as well as all the other Angels & Warriors, once again with a walk. 

     I love being a part of this event and I hope you enjoy the photos! Hopefully they will make you want to join in the fun next year!!!! XOXO!!!

3rd Annual Owen's Walk to Remember Angels & Warriors

What an amazing turnout from Stonewall H.S.!!!!!!!!!!!

Opening Remarks from Deena

and Zach, Owen's little brother

Zach getting us started on the walk!

Here they go! We had a great turnout!

Owen's Aunt and Uncle :)

Now we are really having fun!!!

Only way to ride :)

DJ Brian!!!

These bikes were seriously awesome!


Tarot by Thomas

Ultimate Frisbee getting ready to start the tournament

5 and under fun fun!

6-9 they were determined!

9-13….go, go, go!!!

Awesome catch!

Stonewall HS's team waiting for their game

Strategy meeting

Great games all!!! Congrats Pink Team on being the overall winner!

Face Painting!

Caricatures were a hit!

Duck hunt

Knock the cans down

What skill..hula hoop around the neck!

Hula hoop contest!!!

It looks just like her :)

Even furry friends were welcome!

Tarot card readings for kids and adults!

Owen's grandparents enjoying the walk :)

There was even a cornhole tournament!

Tic Tac Toss

Balloon Darts

Relay race

I just love the determination they all had!

Game face!

The youngest participant…what a sweetie!

Wacky Relay Race…1st group…run with a hula hoop

Wacky Relay Race WINNERS!!!!!

Adult Only dizzy bat race…do they look a little off kilter to you?!

Kid/Adult Race, part 1

Part 2

I think he just likes to run!!! :)

3 legged race team!

Another brother team for the 3 legged race

They are working on their strategy!

And they're off!!!

Photo booth fun!

I just love that this little guy was waving to them on the screen…how sweet!

The WestRash Team with one heck of a warrior!

Family shot :)

Cousin Love

For always and forever!!!

Heather Navratil

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