My favorite engagement story… mine

     I have seen numerous engagement stories and videos while I have perused Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter and some of them are downright amazing and sentimental, I have even bawled during a few. But of all of them mine is my favorite. And really that is how it should be. The moment you get engaged, no matter how big or how small the moment is, that moment is amazing and it is something you will always remember. Today I want to take you back to my engagement that happened just a little over a year ago. But as I share my story, I hope you reminisce or daydream about your own story.

     Chris and I had been together about a year and a half before we got engaged. We have what I call a modern day love story because we met online. From our first date we have pretty much been "together". After about 9 months of dating we went the non-traditional route and moved in together. You learn so much about someone else when you live with them and luckily for us it helped us figure out what we wanted in a relationship and actually grow together instead of apart. So fast-forward to last May, May 24th to be exact, to the day we got engaged. It was a Friday and the official start of what I like to call "BIRTHDAY WEEKEND" (my birthday is the 27th) so we were planning a night out. Chris would not give me any details and I hate surprises! Its really hard to decide what to wear when you don't know where you are going!!! We ended up at what had become our favorite winery after just one previous visit, Potomac Point Winery. It was a cold and blustery night for late may, the temp had fallen to around 50 degrees in early evening. We went inside to their beautiful tasting room and started a tasting (with now one of our favorite tasters there, Melinda). Chris seemed to be looking around so I kept my ears open listening for voices I knew (maybe he was throwing me a surprise bday party---wouldn't that have been awesome?!). The tasting was great, I am pretty sure we tasted everything they have there, and all of their wine is amazing. Then Chris suggested we take a walk around the winery's beautiful grounds (I thought he was crazy!!! It was 50 degrees out and I was in 4 in. heels) but he seemed excited so I said why not. We wandered down the hill through the vineyard vines to this little pergola situated right near the tree line. The pergola was all set up with a table, two chairs, and a chilled bottle of chardonnay. We sat down, opened the bottle of wine, and Chris began saying the sweetest things (none of them that I can remember because it seems like that moment was a complete blur), he got down on one knee and popped the question…and of course I said, "YES"! When the moment happened my brain was going a million miles a second and I wanted to remember everything so much that I feel like I forgot most of it! I was obsessed with my ring, its absolutely gorgeous if I do say so myself. Then as we were happily chatting my aunt (Trinity Photography) and uncle popped out of the "bushes" they had been hiding and photographed the entire proposal!!! I am so thankful Chris asked and they could be there, it made the moment that much more special! Chris and I finished the evening by having dinner in the bistro of Potomac Point Winery. Chef Oz is a fantastic chef and our waiter, Jonathan (banquet captain) helped make our evening even more special. 

     Overall, the evening was one I will absolutely never forget!

     Later in the summer we returned to the winery with my friend from high school, Corrie of Little Bud Photography to take our engagement pictures. And then this past April, while at a photography workshop, I had the honor of having THE Katelyn James of Katelyn James Photography take pictures of my engagement ring! So today I share a mixture of these photos with you so you can feel a part of my favorite engagement story! :) 

The moment of the proposal…Trinity Photography

Newly Engaged!!! … Trinity Photography

Having a celebratory glass of PPW chardonnay…Trinity Photography

Engagement Photos in the coyote cave at PPW…Little Bud Photography

Little Bud Photography 

Overlooking the pergola...Little Bud Photography

Little Bud Photography

Little Bud Photography

Little Bud Photography

The one and only…Katelyn James Photography

Katelyn James Photography

Heather Navratil

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