Top 5 reasons I love capturing kids and their families

I love challenging myself to photograph all different kinds of subjects, it keeps me fresh and ready for whatever comes my way. I love photographing kids and their families for exactly this reason! Kids are completely unpredictable!!! Their faces, attitudes, and movements are constantly changing so as a photographer I have to get them interested in what I'm doing and move quick! My reward comes when I capture that moment that makes my clients look like a real life family and not just a model family in a book. I love capturing real life and real stories! So here are my top 5 reasons I love capturing kids and their families...

1) Kids are completely unpredictable

Sweet baby A giving me the stink-eye

Momma's hair is much more fun than this photo thing :)

This is one of those behind the scene shots that happen where no one knows what is going on! Even though it isn't the best picture it captures some great personality.

2) I absolutely LOVE baby smiles!!!

Happy baby :)


3) Sometimes the simplest picture steals your heart

Simple…real life...

Daddy's little man

Momma's little man

4) A kid's laughter fills your heart

5) Sometimes you capture the "perfect" family moment

Heather Navratil

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