CRP Travels: Our Trip to Waco, TX and Magnolia Market!

     This past December (when we lived in Richmond, Va) my husband came home from work and said, "one of those things you never thought would be happening might be happening sooner than you think". My response was, "we are going to buy a tiny house?!??!" In case you didn't know I'm obsessed with the design and style of tiny houses and watch all the shows about them on tv. However, the news was not that we were getting a tiny house it was that we were moving to Texas, Houston to be exact. Now,I didn't know the layout of Texas at all I just knew that it was the land of Chip and Joanna Gaines and Fixer Upper! And if I was moving to Texas I was going to meet them and have them make me a beautiful home! A girl can dream right?! Alas, I realized Waco, TX is about 3 hours from where we live in Houston and Chip and Jo only do houses within a 30 mile radius of Waco for their show on HGTV, Fixer Upper. So for now, no house. But the excitement is we are only 3 hours away from visiting! And that is just what we did last week!

     Last Wednesday after another round of flooding thunderstorms and another EARLY morning spent in our pantry due to tornado warnings my husband and I decided we needed to do something fun. Road tripping to Waco, TX sounded like the perfect day trip! It was the most beautiful Texas day, warm and sunny. Our first stop was obviously Magnolia Silos and Market. The first time you see it you can just feel the love and warmth that has been put into this amazing structure for this city. You could even smell the sweetness from the Magnolia trees that were about to bloom as you walked up the sidewalk. This place is gorgeous! Even though they had been dealing with the excess water like the rest of us, their staff was on top of it and making sure everyone would still have a wonderful experience.

     The moment you arrive you are greeted by the two sturdy silos on your right, under them a little stage with tables where you can relax or enjoy food from one of the many permanent food trucks situated around the property. To your left is the beautiful Magnolia Market. Another part of the old farm that has been turned into the store. Inside you will find beautiful arrangements for display and sale. You can really feel Joanna's touch on everything inside. Chip has a little corner as well for selling trinkets that he loves but overall the market is Joanna's baby. As you proceed into the courtyard you will see a huge green turf field. This becomes a community center as the day progresses. Families converge on this spot to eat, relax, chat, and have fun. There are boxes of sports balls, hula hoops, and even corn hole that you can grab to play with. Along the side of the field there are home-made swing sets so everyone can feel like a kid again. Opposite the field is the gardens. The gardens overwhelm you with their beauty as soon as you enter, from tall lettuce leaves to beautiful flowers and fairy gardens throughout. This is a quieter spot on the grounds and there are benches throughout if you just want to sit and relax. Overall, the grounds gave you the sense of peace and community. People had put their cell phones down (except for the occasional pictures, obviously) and were actually enjoying each others company. Its a beautiful place to just get away to and recharge. We will definitely be going back!

     After we left the market we walked around downtown Waco a little bit and really saw a city that was about to reawaken, no doubt thanks to Chip and Jo and their "crazy" dreams. The evidence of growth is there. Apartments and shops are being built and the community is no doubt about to fill that city with love. We left the main downtown streets to head over to the shop at Harp Design Co. Clint Harp is the man behind the beautiful wood pieces that grace the homes on Fixer Upper. I was always a fan of his work on the show but to see it in person just stops you in your tracks. It is some of the most beautiful woodworking I have ever seen. Owning one of his tables has just been added to our bucket list! 

     Waco, TX is definitely worth the trip! And if you don't live close enough to stop by in person I hope you enjoy the pictures that follow on our travels to Waco, TX, Magnolia Market, Magnolia Silos, Harp Design Co., and Common Grounds Coffee Shop. 

The swings and community area

 I just loved the architecture of the swings

I just loved the architecture of the swings

 The view from inside the gardens

The view from inside the gardens

Our goat friend in the garden who thought it was a little too bright out and a beautiful wooden bench, just one of the few around the garden that you could pause at

Downtown Waco, The Alico building is one of the telltale signs you are in Waco

Below are some of the fun cell phone pics I took while walking around inside Magnolia Market, Harp Design Co. and also when we went to the local coffee shop, Common Grounds.

The Wine sign I created are from reclaimed wooden letters purchased from Harp Design Co.

Heather Navratil

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