A New Brand, A New Name . . . Signing Off as Cardinal Rose Photography

     Today is a bittersweet one for me... I'm saying goodbye to the business name that made me a business and saying hello to a new business name that will take me into the future. On one hand I am ecstatic about my new brand and on the other I am saying goodbye to an old friend. They say change is good but I have always had a hard time moving forward. Anyone else feel like that? You'd think as someone who has had 18 different addresses and lived in 7 different states that I would be used to change by now...

     I started Cardinal Rose Photography a little over 3 years ago and the places it has led me still have me in disbelief. I've been honored to photograph numerous families, adorable pets, and countless couples in love. Cardinal Rose came about as a way to document family and love. I wanted a way to preserve the "in-between" moments, the moments that happen between the big ones, the ones that will always live in our subconscious. Even the name, Cardinal Rose, came from a place of love and as a way of honoring a matriarch, who was more importantly a friend. My grandma, known as Nanny, was always a huge part of my life. She helped raise me, she taught me what it was to love, and she showed me that family is the most important thing we have. Because of her I'm a better person, hugger, baker, dish washer, baby snuggler, classic movie lover, and coffee toast aficionado. We both love roses, in fact her front walk was lined with all colors of rose bushes. At the holidays she loved decorating with red birds, and pretty soon you could find them in every corner of my house and holiday decor as well. So when I needed something to name my little photography business there wasn't anything that fit better than Cardinal Rose, two things we both adored.

     I'm so proud of all the things I have done as Cardinal Rose Photography from photographing numerous charity events for WestRash Charities, Celebrate! RVA, and the Tim Tebow Foundation's A Night to Shine to becoming a contractor for Virginia's best newborn photographer, Kelly with 11 Sixteen Photography. It has also given me the opportunity to participate in some amazing communities like Creative at Heart, Salt Air Workshops with Amanda Hedgepeth, The Workshop Experience with Katelyn James, Mentoring with Hope Taylor, and becoming a student in The International Academy of Wedding Photographers.

     Because of all the places Cardinal Rose has led me I know that Heather Laurenne Photography is going to take me even further. This brand is being built on the things I love and I have a love for things that are out of the ordinary, or the un-ordinary (a term that I have to give credit to Mary Marantz for creating). I have a heart for those that don't fit into a box; the creatives, the free spirits, the ones who wear their hearts on their sleeves. I want to stand for love and showing the black sheep and those who march to a different drum that they still matter, they are still beautiful, and their story still matters.

     Johnna of Twila & Co. took my thoughts and dreams and ran with them and created a brand that is purely...me. I'm the heart of this business, I'm the one that makes it run, and without me there is no business. Heather Laurenne Photography encases who I am as a person so that I can better serve my clients. I can't wait for you to join me on my new journey! Here's to the creatives, the free spirits, the colorful ones, the black sheep, you are all welcome here!!!

Heather Navratil

Cardinal Rose Photography, 10305 Wilkes Ridge Place, Henrico, VA, 23233, United States