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   Since moving to Houston, Texas my little family grew by one. One little fur baby! So today's blog post is just a happy little post to share about the loves in my life, my fur babies. Each one is a rescue from different states I have lived in. Its crazy to think that we all came from very different areas and now we are together as a happy little family! 

  Copper, my orange Maine Coon, just turned 7 and he is the second cat I have ever adopted. He came from the Humane Association of Warren County in Ohio. He is the absolute sweetest and most kind-hearted kitty you will ever meet. He is scared of his shadow but he loves his mama and gives the best hugs! He was my sweet boy, Google's little brother, and he's done a good job of trying to fill his little furry boots! 

   Malfoy, my orange and white kitty, is 4 and he was adopted from Richmond SPCA in Virginia. He was found outside as a stray before he was brought to the shelter. He was very malnourished and had a broken front tooth. He wasn't with us very long before we figured out that he had once had a family and was abandoned by them. He's a sassy little guy but we make sure to give him all the love he deserves. 

   Last but certainly not least is little Huckleberry Tot! He is approximately 16 weeks old and has quite the personality. He came from Citizens for Animal Protection in Houston. He loves to play and equally loves to snuggle! When he starts purring you can hear him two rooms away. He lovingly annoys his big brothers as any little brother would do but at the end of the day he has rounded out our little family well. 

Heather Navratil

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