Madeira Beach, Florida - Personal

     Back at the beginning of Fall I took some time off to go visit my dad who lives in Florida. He lives near Tampa and I had never been to that part of the state. Honestly, the last time I was in Florida I was 17 and on a choir trip to Disney World. I was definitely excited to see the beautiful beaches on the Gulf Coast this time. So on one gorgeous day we drove up St. Pete Beach to Madeira Beach. I loved the drive, there were fun hotels and cute shops along the whole route. Once we got to Madeira Beach we stopped and walked out on the beach. I don't think I have ever seen sand so white or water so clear! It was absolutely beautiful! I'm also obsessed with seashells, especially purple ones, so I was in shell heaven here. I couldn't believe how many piles of them were just everywhere up and down the beach! We made friends with some birds, who were excellent models, then we left to go eat lunch at John's Pass. This area backs up to a fishing wharf so I found some more beautiful bird models here. It was definitely a fun day! This rainy Houston weather this week has me dreaming of warm beach days so I hope you enjoy this little taste of the Florida Sunshine!

Heather Navratil

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