A Libby Hill Park Engagement Session in Richmond, VA - Maggie + Tommy - Cardinal Rose Photography

 I thought this engagement session would be a perfect one to post on a Throwback Thursday, especially since this couple is getting married in 1 WEEK!!!! This was one of my favorite engagement sessions from last year because it was for two of my favorite people.

 Maggie and Tommy are both professional dancers for the Richmond Ballet and I've had the honor of knowing them personally for about 5 years. In another time, that feels a million years ago, I was the athletic trainer for the ballet. During my time with the ballet I developed a friendship with these two amazing people as well as the rest of the dancers in the company. After knowing them for so long I'm  beyond excited to be a part of their amazing love story!

 Their love story is one right out of a storybook! They met back in 2003 when they were both in Richmond Ballet's Apprentice Program. What started out as a friendship quickly turned into love and next week when we celebrate their wedding they will have been together for 13 years! In just one week I will climb into a trolley with them and travel back up to Libby Hill  to capture them as husband and wife!!!

Heather Navratil

Cardinal Rose Photography, 10305 Wilkes Ridge Place, Henrico, VA, 23233, United States