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I'm a cat loving artist who loves dancing, drinking red wine, and laughing out loud at lines from The Office. Some of my very favorite people live in Stars Hollow and Bluebell, AL. I love driving with the windows down and music up. I tend to speak in quotes of Alice in Wonderland. My mind loves telling stories and I love capturing the "in-between" moments.

"In the garden of memory, in the place of dreams ... that is where you and I shall meet" ~Alice through the looking glass

if you have an obsession

with all things wedding, and a little bit of cat love then you will love it here at my online home. This site will fulfill your love of beautiful brides, handsome grooms, and gorgeous venues (and let’s be honest, some adorable cats); all while capturing the heart and story behind the couple. Whether you are a girl who dreams of her one day wedding, a couple actively planning their special day, or a woman who loves the heart behind a wedding day; you will be captivated by the love that fills this site. Classic and Eclectic brides collide here. Pearls and Tattoos coexist. And Love knows no boundaries. Love is Love is Love.

What started as a dream in 2013 has become a reality. From my little corner of the world as an injured dancer with a calling to still be creative came my love for photography. I wanted to create an online home where people could come to just take a break from their day. A place that left them feeling more connected to something, a place where they felt like they belong.

 I share stories of beauty and happiness to showcase what is good in the world. I’m also a little bit of a crazy cat lady (its ok, you can judge :) ) so from time to time you will get a little bit of insight into my life as a rescue cat mama. 

My love of photography actually began when my first cat baby was diagnosed with two incurable diseases. I could either wallow in the diagnosis or I could turn something awful into something beautiful. I picked up a camera, began doing a lot of self-learning and workshops, and became a pretty darn good photographer. Now I have beautiful images to go with my wonderful memories and a way to remember what my love for him felt like.

I believe in love, and to me love feels like a family and that is what I strive for in my photography business. An all-inclusive place to belong. What does love look like to you?