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To “unplug” or “plugin” your wedding…

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     In the world we live in today people are attached to their cell phones and they want to document their life. People love to take pictures of where they are and who they are with and post them to different social media sites. Most of the time no one thinks twice about this sort of behavior because it has become a regular part of this digital world we live in. Its fun to see where our friends are and what they are doing! The problem with posting pictures to social media is that you are making a decision to share something with the world that someone else in the picture may not want shared. The main place this has become a hot topic is…weddings!

     By now you have seen countless articles on how to approach the subject when planning your wedding. Even ways to make cute signs to either encourage your guests to post to social media (ex. #johnandjanedoewedding2014) or ones to hopefully keep them to refrain from it (ex. “Today we ask you to be present with us in this moment by keeping your cell phones put away”). The main decision you have to make while planning your wedding is which side of this debate you want to be on. Like anything else there are numerous pros and cons to both sides of this argument. As a recent bride myself I will admit that I began on the “do not post” side of things. I’m a photographer, I understand the art behind what they do, and the last thing I wanted in all my ceremony shots was a whole bunch of my guests with cell phones in the air. I wanted my guests to be present during the ceremony. The other complaint I hear from brides is they do not want the pictures of them taken with cell phone cameras distributed around the internet when they have paid for professional photography. I can completely understand where they are coming from! A professional photographer knows how to capture beauty and details that the average cell phone photographer usually isn’t always interested in. And on a once in a lifetime day you usually want your family and friends to remember the absolutely best picture of the day. Not to mention it is your right as a bride to respectably ask your guests to not post pictures of you until you can post the professional ones yourself. You, after all, are the one that has done the work to find a photographer you love and probably paid thousands of dollars to have their talent there. So brides to be…I give you permission to ask your guests to not post to social media if that is your wish!

     On the other side of things, its so much fun to see what your guests capture. I decided in the end that I wanted to be part of the hashtag crowd! And let me say, I do not regret the decision at all! My husband and I had a blast looking at the different aspects of the day that we never saw on our own. And because it takes awhile for professional photos to come back it gives you some instant satisfaction to see all your planning and hard work pay off. I’m so glad we decided to let our family and friends instagram and Facebook! I may not look as stunning as I believe I was on a cell phone camera but when it comes down to it…who cares! I love that my loved ones were able to capture all kinds of behind the scenes moments and I would make the same decision again in a heartbeat!

     Whatever your decision is, embrace it!!! This is your day, this is yours and your husbands day to shine. Enjoy every moment! 

     And since I was part of the hashtag crowd I’ll share with you some of the instagram pics from my own wedding day…Enjoy!!!! Feel free to check out more fun by visiting #navwedding on instagram 🙂 

 Before the big walk!!!

Before the big walk!!!

 My beautiful bridesmaids!

My beautiful bridesmaids!

 Its time!

Its time!

 Ring security in the photo booth!

Ring security in the photo booth!

 My absolutely beautiful bouquet made by the one and only Amanda of Anthomatic!!!

My absolutely beautiful bouquet made by the one and only Amanda of Anthomatic!!!

 Officially Mr. and Mrs.!!!!!!!!!

Officially Mr. and Mrs.!!!!!!!!!


Bridal gown, Le Reve Bridal Leesburg, VA

Flowers, Anthomatic Stafford, VA

Men’s tuxes, Mens Warehouse

Mother of the Bride gown, Ava Laurenne Bridal Fredericksburg, VA

Bridesmaid gowns, Davids Bridal

Ring Security suits, Children’s Place

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