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Wednesday Wine Day…My adventures at Rassawek Vineyard

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     Its Wednesday…Hump Day!!!! Congrats, you’ve made it half way through the week! This is the start of a new series that I am going to try to get going on the blog called Wednesday Wine Day.

     I love wine!!! Its been a process (people told me it was, I so didn’t believe them). I remember tasting my mom’s wine years ago and thinking it was awful so I started the typical way by drinking the cheapest and sweetest wine around. Slowly my pallet began to understand the different flavors associated with a good wine. Then I met my (now husband) and he was a complete and total beer drinker and I cannot down a beer to save my life! So I knew I had to turn him into a wine lover! Soon after we started dating we started traveling around Virginia and visiting wineries. Visiting wineries has become our thing (did I mention we got engaged and married at one?!). It gives us time to see the beautiful country around us and taste different kinds of wine. The best part is that it gives us time to be together and just connect and talk. So, in this series I want to invite you to join me as I travel around and show you the beauty that is Virginia wineries.

     Today’s post is about Rassawek Vineyards. My husband and I traveled out to Columbia, VA this past Saturday with his sister and brother-in-law, and his parents to Rassawek Vineyards for their Spring Jubilee. It was a family affair and it was a beyond gorgeous day! We had a blast! Rassawek Vineyard’s vines are still in their infancy stage so they have not gotten to a point that they produce wine yet. However, at their Spring Jubilee they bring in around 12 different local wineries, a few breweries, and some amazing local artisans. It was a great day walking around, hiking hills, and drinking wines. As we walked along the farm, the view no matter which way you looked, was absolutely stunning. We were passed by goats roaming freely, a steam engine puling a cart full of people, a man riding a penny-farthing, and steamboats gliding across a pond. We were immediately transported back to a simpler time. We even climbed to the top of a tree to get a better view. Overall, it was an amazing day! Next time you are in Mid-western VA look up Rassawek Vineyards, you won’t be disappointed! 

 View of the farm (all pictures taken with iPhone)

View of the farm (all pictures taken with iPhone)

 View from the treetops…so beautiful!!!

View from the treetops…so beautiful!!!

 Goats walking around intermingling with other Vineyard guests

Goats walking around intermingling with other Vineyard guests

 One picture that shows the beautiful background and skies...

One picture that shows the beautiful background and skies…

 …and the next that has a little more focus on us :)

…and the next that has a little more focus on us 🙂


Rassawek Vineyards:

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