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The Blog has gone to the dogs…and cats!!!

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     Today I wanted to share with you my babies! I may not be what is considered a “normal” mom but I love my fur babies and I consider myself their momma. Currently I have 3 fur babies, 2 cats and 1 pup.

     My dog, Ryle, is a 6 year old Bichon Frise. I got him when I was in graduate school in Indiana. He is super cute, lovable, and crazy! I got him as a puppy but I’m pretty sure sometime before that he had an unpleasent experience with a UPS truck. Anytime he hears or sees one he growls and barks and wants to chase the truck far away. He’s my perfect little sidekick and real life stuffed animal cuddle buddy 🙂

     My youngest little boy is my cat, Copper. He is so pretty, incredibly sweet, and probably the shyest cat you will ever (maybe) meet. Most people don’t even realize I have 2 cats because Copper is usually in an excellent hiding spot. I got Bops (his affectionate nickname) when he was only 5 weeks old from a shelter in Ohio. He was incredibly cute and just a handful of fluff. When I adopted him the volunteer went to get him out of his cage and couldn’t find him…he had made himself a hiding spot in his litter box. I eventually learned that he had been captured in a farmer’s trap that had been set for rabbits that were eating the garden so now I know why he was so skiddish around humans! He has slowly gotten more and more brave and more and more lovable as he’s grown. He’s now my little undercover love bug!!!

     The last of my boys, is the apple of my eye, and his name is Google. Googs is not only gorgeous but he is full of personality and has made himself without a doubt the leader of the pack. I adopted him from the same shelter in Ohio that Copper came from, only about 5 months before. Google was 8 weeks old and 1 of only 3 kittens at the shelter in January. He quickly stepped into the big brother role and kept Bops near him and safe until Bops felt ok to adventure out on his own. Googs is also the mediator of the house, always the first to step in if Bops and Ryle have any issues. Google gets along with anybody, covered in fur or not! He’s my special baby for sure, as he’s been fighting 2 chronic diseases since he was 7 months old. He has IMHA (Immune-mediate hemolytic anemia) and HCM (Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy) both which have landed him into overnight emergency care a few times. He is such a trooper and he takes his (5-6) pills a day like a champ! I absolutely love my little boy!!! #Googlethecat 

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