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Friday Fun…Behind the scenes with Heather Laurenne

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Today is just a fun, random post! I found a list of 110 get to know you questions online and picked 25 to share with you. These questions are just completely fun and quirky and will help you get to know the real me! Enjoy and feel free to comment with some of your own answers or feel free to ask me your own questions…I’m an open book, you just have to know how to read!!!

1) Favorite flavor of jelly beans? I LOVE licorice jelly beans! Yum!!!

2) If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go? Italy! I love wine!!!

3) Favorite color? Totally a PINK girl!!!

4) Do you prefer to wear pants or dresses? Both, I love cute pants and maxi skirts/dresses!

5) When was the last time you stayed or hosted a sleepover with friends? A little over a month ago when my bestie came into town from Cincinnati for my wedding!

6) If you have to dress and leave the house in a hurry, what is one thing you can easily cut out of your routine? Unfortunately, it would be my hairstyle. Because of my years as a dancer I can easily throw my hair up in no amount of time where as leaving it down would take me forever!

7) Do you have relatives in other states? Where? I have family all over! Pennsylvania, Georgia, South Carolina, Florida, Maryland, California, New Mexico, and Virginia.

8) Are you ticklish? Way too much!!! I had the Popples (who remembers that show?!) pin that said it when I was little.

9) How many pairs of shoes do you currently own? Too many to count! But I did at least just give 30 pairs away to charity! That helps my cause, right?!

10) Which one fashion accessory do you like better than others? I LOVE infinity scarves! I pretty much always have one on, no matter the season!

11) Do you like your handwriting? I actually do. I handwrote all the invitations and items for my wedding. Now if only I could get my signature together now that I have a new last name!

12) What is your favorite all-time movie? I’m a sucker for The American President!

13) Can you change a tire? Absolutely…NOT! Thats why I married a mechanic!

14) Do you prefer a bath or shower? I love bubble baths!!! So relaxing!

15) What do you prefer to drink with your morning meal? I’m a coffee girl!! But for some reason during the winter I love hot tea!

16) Have you ever sung in the shower? Everyday! I sound amazing in there!

17) What color eyes do you like most? I love those with the bright clear blue eyes!

18) Have you ever colored your hair? I’m a natural blonde 😉

19) Where is the farthest you have ever traveled? Sadly, only to the LA area of California.

20) Have you ever won anything? I was the drill down champion during a high school dance team camp 🙂

21) What is your favorite childhood memory? Going to the beach with my grandparents and playing with my cousins!

22) What color of clothing do you most like to wear? I tend to wear black a lot! I have a lot of it since I used to work backstage taking care of dancers.

23) What is your favorite reading material? I love reading Rom Com novels!

24) What is the longest car trip you have ever taken? Northern VA to Orlando, FL. I was 9 and it seemed like it took forever! I’ve also gone VA to IN and VA to OH, those seem long too.

25) Who do you spend most of your time with? My husband!!!

That’s me! Now its your turn!!!

 Headshot from Katelyn James Photography

Headshot from Katelyn James Photography


Headshot: Katelyn James Photography

Questions: Goodreads


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  1. Corrie

    June 27th, 2014 at 11:16 pm

    Love "The American President!" Great movie and so underrated. 🙂

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