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Infertility, the next chapter…

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 I don’t talk a whole lot about my infertility journey because its not always sunny and fun but its been a huge part of my life for the last few years. We underwent our first round of IVF this past Fall which failed before it even really began. You can read more about it, here. What unfolded next could fill a book.

The next few steps of our journey have been filled with twists and turns that most people can’t even imagine happening. Let me fill you in…

After we grieved the loss of a failed egg retrieval in November we decided it was time to start another cycle. Instead of the 2 week cycle of birth control to regulate everything my doctor’s office kept me on it for 5 weeks due to the holidays of December and January. So after that long wait I excitedly went to the doctor the first week of January for my baseline, they were hopeful that everything would look perfect and I would be starting stimulation medications that Friday. Well, that didn’t happen.

The nurse called to tell me that my estrogen was low but they thought that maybe it was a lab error. I was to start stim meds that Friday and repeat blood work on Monday. Well Monday afternoon the doctor called to say that my estrogen levels were still extremely low and she had been worried that I had been involved in some horrific accident or had an unknown illness. Turns out being on the birth control for that long had caused my body to completely stop producing estrogen. So I had to be started on an estrogen medication and push my cycle for another month. I was to report back after I had a natural cycle with estrogen supplementation.

By the second week of February I finally had my cycle and was excited to get tested and start the process again. Emailed my nurse…nothing. Weird, she always answers. Called the office the next day and asked for my nurse. Front desk girl, “oh she doesn’t work here anymore, hang on” You can hear keyboard clicks and she comes back on the line a little hesitant and says, “oh, did no one call to let you know that your doctor is no longer with the practice either?”. THEY FIRED MY ENTIRE MEDICAL STAFF, Y’ALL, AND NO ONE TOLD ME!!!

So here I am day 2 of my cycle now, supposed to get baseline done by day 3, with no doctor and a practice that thinks I should just stick with them and see someone else. Yeah, that wasn’t going to happen.

I had a few people refer me to another practice in town and I was able to get in a couple days later due to a cancellation. I really liked the doctor but I was so overwhelmed with everything that I decided I needed to take a break from the whole process.

By the beginning of April I was feeling a bit more confident with everything and had a consult with a different doctor from the same new practice that was a whole lot closer to home and we decided to go for it! Once we did the down regulation, he put me on the max doses of stim meds and by egg retrieval they were able to retrieve 7 eggs!!!! 7 y’all! I was so excited! We had 5 fertilize and 1 special little one make it to freezing! I have a frozen embaby!!!

After my body recovered from the stim process we started the second half of IVF that I never had a chance to start before. For two weeks I was supplementing with estrogen in pill and patch form to prepare my uterus to be a perfect home for my little embaby.

Here’s where another twist happens…Everything was going well, my uterus lining was looking great and then out of nowhere a week before I was supposed to start the progesterone supplementation I was hit by the horrible stomach illness that was going around. I couldn’t even get out of bed for 4 days. My doctor thought it would be better not to chance it and to just let that cycle go. That was June.

I returned for baseline just last week with hopes of starting again only to find that my estrogen this time was too high as a result of a cyst on my ovary. So I’ve been on a week of birth control to see if they can stabilize everything and I go today for another baseline…

Say a prayer that this is the last crazy twist on this journey! And that I will be ready to start prepping to get this baby in my uterus so that we can meet them in 9 months! <3

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