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Next step on the baby train…donor eggs!!!

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If you have been following a bit more of my infertility journey on Instagram, welcome! Today’s news was too big for just an Insta story so I had to bring you guys over to the blog!

2019 was a rough year for us on this journey, y’all! We went through 2 more egg retrievals (I had done 1 previous egg retrieval cycle in 2018) and 2 failed transfers. Our last round we thought we ended with 2 embabies but those hopes were quickly dashed away. We transferred 1 embaby fresh only for it not to take while the other was sent away for testing. Waiting for a pregnancy test and embryo testing both take about 2 weeks so within a couple days of each other we found out that not only did this transfer not work and I wasn’t pregnant but that also our baby girl that was sent away for testing (they found the gender out in testing) showed abnormal, missing some chromosomes and showing extras of others, so that embaby wouldn’t have given us a viable pregnancy either. The silver lining to all of this was that the testing showed our doctor that the issues with our lack of being able to get pregnant seemed to be an issue with our egg quality. Our doctor had thought this possibly in the past due to blood work but now he had further reasoning to go off of. My doctor had always been very up front with the fact that our trouble was possibly due to my egg quality so thoughts of that and the alternatives were always going on in the back of my mind.

After many discussions between my husband and myself we decided to proceed with donor egg in vitro fertilization or DEIVF. Once we made the decision that DEIVF was something we wanted to do we had to find a donor. I figured this process was going to be grueling and honestly a bit awkward and stressful. I’ve obviously watched too many movies but I had these visions of sitting in a doctors office flipping through a photo album of all these beautiful girls figuring out which one my husband thought was hot and wanted to make a baby with. Let’s just say that THANKFULLY that is not how the process goes at all! My clinic was amazing and gave me access to their donor database right away so I could look through their availability and really decide if this was something we wanted to proceed with or even if we wanted to look elsewhere. I honestly didn’t know what to expect and figured it would take weeks to find someone that I felt like was the right person, but within a matter of a few minutes I found one donor that for whatever reason spoke to me. I went back a few times to look and every time something was telling me that this was the one. My husband felt it too and within the week we were filling out the contract! Everything is done anonymously and when I called my clinic to get some more information about the donor I found that she was in the process of donating her eggs and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect!

We started the prep for a transfer a few weeks ago! Of course I had another cyst on my ovary at our initial baseline so I had to be on medication for a couple weeks but since then everything is going as hoped. I even started those lovely progesterone in oil (PIO) shots this morning. I’m a little sore but I’ve already done a walk around the neighborhood and some light yoga to keep the muscle from getting too sore. The eggs were fertilized today and soon we will know how many embabies we have!!! Stay tuned!


***Disclaimer: I’ve thought long and hard about sharing my journey of proceeding with IVF utilizing donor egg. I know this isn’t a widely discussed topic in family planning but I feel it is an important one. I’m choosing to share my journey with you so that infertility loses some of its stigma. No, this isn’t the way I thought I would have a family but wow, has it taught we so many things and you can bet its made me a hell of a lot stronger. So please, if you are not on board or do not agree please move along. This is where I will be sharing my stories and God-willing pictures of MY baby and I will do it so that more women feel like they aren’t alone on this journey.***

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